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IDAM Direct Drives
The perfect solution for every application anywhere in the world.


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Linear Direct Drive System: LDDS-078-B


Brochure | 2017-03
Linear Direct Drive System: LRAM


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Positioning systems

Z-axis systems

Z-Axes based on Linear Direct Drives for High-End Production Machines

The right bearing arrangement is critical for achieving perfect motion. This is particularly important in high precision, rapidly recurring operations in the production of electronic components. To do this, you should definitely call in an expert: Schaeffler Industrial Drives.

Schaeffler Industrial Drives offers Z-axis systems for fast pick-and-place applications, optical inspections, testing machines etc. to increase productivity. Of course, these are precisely matched to the productronics sector – including control and measuring system. We offer excellent service as well. Where else would you find everything from a single source?

Z-axis with voice coil: compact and powerful.

Z-axis with voice coil: LDDS-078


  • Short-stroke axis with compact design
  • High power density
  • Very low power loss
  • Low moving mass
  • Motor with small electrical time constant
  • Integrated measurement system


  • Small installation space necessary
  • Low warming of the axis
  • High axis dynamic, low impulse transfer to the machine
  • Especially high service life of over one hundred million strokes
  • Precise, regulated movement and positioning
  • Maintenance free


Test and sorting machines, Indexers, e.g. in the electronics industry, or medical engineering, in the productronics area

Further options on request.

Short stroke Z-axis with 2-phase hybrid stepper motor: wear-free and precise.

Short stroke Z-axis with 2-phase hybrid stepper motor: LRAM


  • Short stroke linear axis with air bearing in compact design
  • 2-phase hybrid stepper motor with moving, air bearing ceramic plate
  • Magneto-resistive measuring system
  • No cooling required


  • High acceleration up to bis 1000 m/s²
  • Wear-free, precise air bearing
  • Low moving mass (10 g)
  • Low impulse input into the base system
  • High nominal force
  • Dimensions and forces can be customized to special applications.


Applications with highly dynamic requirements, precise positioning of parts with low mass, applications with high positioning cycles, handling and testing systems, pick-and-place

Turn lift unit in combination with a micromotor is possible.


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