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Environmental protection and work safety

Environmental protection and work safety are fundamental parts of the Schaeffler Group's management principles (see Environment) . These requirements are valid for its suppliers similarly.

In the table below you will find the binding standards regarding "prohibited substances” for production material suppliers of the Schaeffler Group.

Single documents Version Download    
S132030-1 Prohibited and declarable substances 2014/08 DIN A4    
S132030-1 Prohibited and declarable substances - Appendix: Declaration of conformity 2014/08 DIN A4    

Contractor Management

The use of contractors at locations of the Schaeffler Group requires clearly defined rules for entrepreneurial responsibility and resulting tasks based on legislation pertaining to the prevention of mutual endangerment.

The regulations in this procedure serve to ensure that accidents and damage are prevented when contractors (service providers) work with companies of the Schaeffler Group as well as with other contractors.

Company Regulations for Contractors 2007/12 DIN A4    
Confirmation DIN A4    

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